Stephen was back at the Ultimate Jam on August 26th with David Lee Roth band alum; KoRn drummer Ray Luzier and that bass god himself Billy Sheehan of the Winery Dogs & Mr. Big jamming through an unrehearsed rendition of Van Halens Hot for Teacher along with Carl Restivo (Rhianna/Tom Morellos The Nightwatchman) and the birthday boy himself, Avril Lavignes Steve Ferlazzo. 

Billy Sheehan, Ray Luzier, Carl Restivo, Steve Ferlazzo and Stephen Chesney - Hot For Teacher.



Photo by Tamea Agle.

Filling in at late notice, Stephen played with world famous Van Halen tribute The Atomic Punks in Ontario, California this past Friday night September 18th. With no rehearsal, no sound check, and jamming out much of the set on the fly, Stephen finally played with long time friend, bassist Joe Lester on stage with the Punks. If you're a fan of classic Van Halen, make sure to check the Punks out whenever they're in your neighborhood and visit them online to find out more about the band and their schedule!

Click here to visit The Atomic Punks online

Duck Dynasty season 8 premiere features Stephen Chesney Compositions

Copyright 1418 Music | 2014

Photo by Tamea Agle.

July 1st was appropriately patriotic in leading in to the July 4th Independence Day holiday in the US as Stephen jammed with Bass legend Billy Sheehan and KoRn drummer Ray Luzier on the Sheehan-era David Lee Roth classic Yankee Rose at the Lucky Strike Ultimate Jam Night in Hollywood. ​​ Carl Restivo, Steve Ferlazzo, Ray, Billy and Stephen did what any bunch of guys about to play on stage together should do.... Met about 3 minutes before stepping on stage and went for it.

Hit A&E TV show Duck Dynasty returned on November 19th with a special hour long episode. The special episode filmed in Scotland titled "Glory is the reward of the Mallard" features music composed by Stephen at his own 1418 Studio. The season premiere sees the family travel to Scotland to rediscover the families Scottish roots while trying to work on a business deal without seeing the family put a stop to it through their usual bearded hijinks. Click here to watch the episode online at the A&E Website.

Stephen hits stage with Steel Panthers Michael Starr & Billy Sheehan

Stephen again found himself on stage with legendary bassist Billy Sheehan on July 15th and along with Mr. Big drummer Matt Starr was joined much to his surprise by Ralph Saenz AKA Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr. The four piece started out their two song guest set by tearing through the Van Halen I classic Atomic Punk and was followed up by Shyboy, the Billy Sheehan original made famous as the first track on David Lee Roths Eat 'em and Smile record when Billy was in Roth's original solo band having just left Van Halen.


Stephen and Ralph teamed up with Matt Starr again the following week, this time with Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright and again jammed on Van Halen classics, this time the Van Halen I tune "Ice Cream Man" with Saenz on acoustic guitar as well as vocals and followed up by Unchained from 1981's Fair Warning record. 


Click for video of Ralph Saenz, Billy Sheehan, Matt Starr & Stephen Chesneys rendition of Shyboy.

Click for video of Ralph Saenz, Chuck Wright, Matt Starr & Stephen Chesney - Unchained.



British based Melodic/Hard Rock magazine Fireworks Jan/Feb issue is now available in stores on both sides of the atlantic (you can find it in stores in the US/Canada as well as The UK and Europe) and features a write up on the debut Chesney/Mason EP. Calling the EP "a collection of songs that don't put a foot wrong from start to finish" it earned a 5 star review finished simply with the line "if you track this down, I can promise you that you won't be disappointed". For more information on where you can purchase the magazine, and more information on the publication itself, visit the Fireworks Magazine website.

Live in Ontario, California with The Atomic Punks

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Photo by Tamea Agle.

New Stephen compositions in Animal Planets "Pitbulls and Parolees" 

David Lee Roths original famed 1986 Eat 'Em And Smile rhythm section of drummer Gregg Bissonette and Billy Sheehan reunited September 23rd with Carl Restivo handling vocals and Stephen on guitar in Hollywood at the Ultimate Jam. The band ran through two classic David Lee Roth tunes, Yankee Rose and Shy Boy along with an impromptu rendition of Van Halens Hot for Teacher. 

Video of the performances are linked below, Click, Share, Click, Share Some More!

​Sheehan/Bissonette/Restivo/Chesney - Yankee Rose

​Sheehan/Bissonette/Restivo/Chesney - Hot For Teacher 

Jamming again with Billy, Ray, Carl and Ferlazz...

Saturday Night show Pitbulls and Parolees on Animal Planet recently started featuring new compositions by Stephen, beginning with the Jan 3rd episode which featured three tracks.

Pitbulls and Parolees, which follows the trials and tribulations of the Villalobos Rescue Center, reaches an average audience of 1.6million viewers weekly and while you won't see him on camera (don't confuse his face with that of one of the pitbulls) tracks composed by Stephen are now reaching those homes and viewers. Watch Pitbulls on Parolees on Animal Planet, Saturdays at 10pm est, 9pm Central and visit the online home of the show via Animal Planets website; Pitbulls and Parolees on Animal Planet.

Chesney/Mason debut EP featured in Fireworks Magazine on sale now
Billy Sheehan & Gregg Bissonette reunite alongside Stephen & Carl Restivo

Photo by Kathy Flynn.

Photo by Tamea Agle.

Stephen jams with Billy Sheehan and Ray Luzier in Hollywood

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