Appetite for Destruction, the original, time tested, only full time touring live Guns N’ Roses experience.


As Appetite tore through the nation in 2016 a batch of unreleased Guns N’ Roses songs began to leak into the ether, Amongst them were a handful of new songs including Moving On, Vehicular Blues, Adrenaline gathered worldwide attention being covered by international media on and offline as new tracks from the reunited GNR.


Unknown at the time was that these Guns N’ Roses songs, were leaked without the knowledge of the two writer/performers and were actually the creator of Appetite for Destruction, Georgia based vocalist and songwriter Chad Atkins - who found himself being hotly debated as to whether it was indeed the real Axl Rose they were hearing on the songs and Los Angeles based English guitarist/songwriter Stephen Chesney, who had first worked together on a tune called Lucid Illusions for Stephens Guitar World Magazine feature on behalf of world renowned, and choice of Slash himself, Seymour Duncan pickups in a promotional video for the official Slash signature Alnico-II model pickup.


Having been featured online, offline and interviewed a full length episode of the popular Guns N’ Roses fan broadcast Appetite for Distortion together, with their record due for completion, the duo that the world mistook for Guns N’ Roses have finally teamed up in real time on stage live as their alter egos NotQuiteAxl and ImNotSlash along with experienced east coast based touring drummer Christoph Castelda (affectionately referred to as Matt Sadler) and LA based guitarist/producer Omer Avni to unleash the ultimate live Guns N’ Roses show, the all new Appetite For Destruction.


The Lucid Illusions 20/20 tour is tearing through the US and beyond in 2020.


Its the closest thing to the real thing. 


This is Appetite for Destruction.

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